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The Market Life

Circa Arcanum has been attending a local mystical night market once a month for two months now. As we go for month three, I want to reflect on the journey so far.

When I started this business, I was focused solely on the online services I offered, especially given the serious nature of the pandemic and the extreme contagion and death toll within my city. Local events weren’t even on my radar for practically the whole first year of Circa’s existence. Recently though, as the pandemic has slowed down where I’m at, I look to expand to more local venues for Tarot and Oracle card readings.

My first Mystical Night Market was fantastic. The market atmosphere was invigorating, and we kept up a steady stream of Tarot readings for 4 hours. The next market was very similar, with us continually working, from one reading to the next. I loved every minute of it, and I look forward to the next one. Of course, I learned some very important tips at these market nights.

Tip 1: Keep a case of water under the table. Back to back readings for four hours dehydrates you like you wouldn’t believe, especially in a desert.

Tip 2: Get to know and love your fellow vendors. I’ve had great vendor mates, and interacting with them is a highlight of every market night.

Tip 3: Wear sunblock. Shade is not a substitute.

Tip 4: Have a partner run the booth-side while you do the readings, and bribe said partner with money and food, because they are the foundation on which your business’s market experience will be built.

Tip 5: Learn some fast grounding techniques that you can use between readings, because some of those readings can be very heavy. I had some seriously heavy readings with sensitive topics back to back for over 2 hours at the last market before some lighter readings came up. Grounding that energy between readings is how you stay sane.

That is the end of our tip list for today! I’ll be writing on some divination topics in the near future, so come back and check out the blog often.

Sincerely, Jorel Hale of Circa Arcanum

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