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Meet Darkling Enchantments

What do you mean by "Darkling" anyway?

A Darkling is, by its most literal definition, a creature that lives in the dark. The term Darkling has taken on other meanings and associations over the years as well, from being a type of cursed Fae in popular fantasy games and books, to being the title of a powerful dark sorcerer in pop-culture literature and TV. The word ‘Darkling’ continues to grab at the imaginations, hearts, and minds of people everywhere as it gains different meanings to different people. In Occult communities, it’s taken on the meaning of being a person who has a taste for the darker side of life, reveling in the macabre, dancing in the night, embracing the darker aspects of expression and human existence.

Darkling Enchantments embraces the darkness, reveling in the peace and arcane nature of the night. The occult was once hidden and secret beneath the shadows cast under the light of the moon, and Darkling Enchantments embraces that nature, digging into the magic that lights up the lives and eyes of the creatures of the night. My goal is to share that joy and mystique with you.

Take my hand beneath the moon and stars, feel the breeze upon your neck, and listen to the wind dancing through the leaves of the forest before us. Walk with me to the grotto, where our voices will rise in harmony, caressing the universe and bending reality to our will. This is what it means to live and embrace your power, this is Darkling Enchantments.

Jade - Darkling Enchantments 🖤

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