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About Us

Circa Arcanum's Backstory


Jorel Hale
Interpreter with over a decade of experience

Our mission is to empower your self discovery with a modern, dependable, and inclusive approach.

Since days of yore have tarot readers given those who sought them the ability to pause and consider their lives from another angle. Today, however, scams are around every corner and seekers have been inundated by religious propaganda.


Circa Arcanum is a business born from a need for a secure place for people to discover their strengths, examine their weaknesses, and grow in a way that's difficult to find in most environments. Though tarot and oracle cards have a history steeped in fear-mongering and questionable practices, Circa Arcanum strives for a modern approach that can give seekers the confidence to pursue clarity.


Every reading with Circa Arcanum leaves stigmas at the door to create a safe and inclusive environment. We leave the power in your hands and allow our readings to reveal the root of a seeker's concerns or arouse the curiosity that can lead a seeker to pursue healthy new alternatives to stalemated situations. Our team wants nothing more than to see those who seek our services achieve peace and happiness.

With Circa Arcanum, we bring confidence through clarity.

Welcome to the journey.


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